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It’s difficult for companies to retain employees in a strong job market — especially for many commercial cleaning companies and facility service providers. To help keep turnover under control, has provided a few tips for employee retention.

A human resources consulting firm told that companies should have consistent conversations with their employees that might encourage them to stay. These conversations consist of several questions from the employer that shows it values and respects the employee and their input. A second firm agreed, saying that employees will tell their employers what they want when asked.

Drovers also suggests companies implement small retention practices that can go a long way. These practices include:

— Promoting employees when they’ve earned it

— Offering further training and education

— Saying “thank you”

— Providing public recognition

— Financial incentives for strong performance

— Consistent feedback

— Providing a positive work-life balance

Also important for companies is customer retention. For advice on customer retention, read this previous post from