Businesses that want employees to stick around are going to have to give them a reason. One of the best ways to keep workers from searching for other opportunities is to offer them benefits that truly improve their quality of life. Needless to say, the sometimes heavy cost of employee benefits necessitates that these offering give employers a solid return on investment (ROI). After all, why would a business want to invest heavily in something that hurts them?

BenefitsPro came up with a list of benefits businesses offer that improve their workers' quality of life while also providing a high ROI. The following are the benefits on that list that might be applicable to jan/san distributor, building service contractor and facility manager.

1. Healthcare

ROI: Up to 300 percent

2. Mental Health Benefits

ROI: Up to 218 percent

3. Health Wellness Programs

ROI: 600 percent

4. Financial Wellness Programs

Up to 1,500 Percent

To read BenefitsPro's complete list as well as a more detailed explanation of each benefit, click here.