Elevance Partners with 2M Holdings

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc., which creates specialty chemicals from renewable feedstocks, announced its partnership with 2M Holdings as a new distributor for the Elevance Clean® product line to the household, industrial & institutional market in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“We are pleased to partner with 2M Holdings, which brings in-depth product and market knowledge in the household, industrial & institutional industry where the Elevance Clean® product line provides superior performance attributes,” said Commercial Director Gregory E. Gerhardt. “At Elevance, we remain committed to developing renewable and high-performance cleaning solutions – like our Elevance Clean® product line for cleaners.”
2M Holdings will provide enhanced service and support capabilities for existing and potential customers in the UK and Ireland with an interest in the Elevance Clean® product line, including:
·      Elevance Clean® 1200XA and Elevance Clean® 1200HT, superior performing, fast acting and VOC-exempt solvents for industrial degreasing formulations that outperform conventional and bio-based predecessors; and

·      Elevance Clean® 1000, a high-performing, bio-based cleaning ingredient that helps reduce d-limonene dependence and provides price and supply stability while improving performance in applications such as asphalt and tar removal, and metal degreasing.

“The agreement with Elevance expands 2M’s portfolio of environmentally friendly and sustainable products. We have expertise in precision cleaning and solvents and our application laboratories and technical teams support customers in providing bespoke solutions,” said 2M Holdings Chairman & CEO Mottie Kessler.