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Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc., which creates specialty chemicals from renewable feedstocks, announced an agreement with Azelis, a leading distributor of speciality chemicals, to distribute Elevance’s Clean product line to the household, industrial and institutional (HI&I) market in 32 European and Asian countries. Under the agreement, Azelis will be the exclusive distributor of Elevance Clean 1000 and Elevance Clean 1200XA and 1200HT in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Balkans.

“At Elevance, we are committed to transforming plant oils into high-performance solutions – like our line of Elevance Clean solvents,” said Gregory E. Gerhardt, commercial director. “Our agreement with Azelis provides customers in key European and Asian markets with expert, local support and timely supply of two powerful new molecules in the HI&I space.”

Azelis will offer enhanced service and in-country support for customers interested in these Elevance Clean products:

 • Elevance Clean 1200XA and Elevance Clean 1200HT, superior, fast-acting, biodegradable and VOC-free solvents for industrial degreasing formulations that outperform conventional and bio-based predecessors.
 • Elevance Clean 1000, a high-performing, bio-based cleaning ingredient that helps reduce d-limonene dependence and provides price and supply stability while improving performance in applications such as asphalt and tar removal, and metal degreasing.

The entire Elevance Clean product line is VOC-exempt, readily biodegradable and free of components listed in the European Union Dangerous Substances Directive.

Marnik Tack, Market Segment Director Homecare & Industrial Cleaning, Azelis added, “We are delighted with the addition of the Elevance Clean products. The product line is strongly synergetic with our current product portfolio in Homecare & Industrial Cleaning, and will allow us to strengthen and broaden collaboration with our customers.”