Aggressive/angry boss complaining

Stagnate pay combined with a booming job market is leading employees across many industries to jump ship. The cost of losing these employees can be brutal — equal to about a third of what that worker makes in a year, according to one report. That same report found that turnover is such an issue that it begins hurting companies even before the departing employee leaves.

So what can companies do to reduce retention? For one, they can change the habits of their leaders, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Jon Christiansen, co-founder of Insights And Outcomes, argued via the publication that there are eight common mistakes that business leader make that cause employees to quit. Those mistakes are:

1. Creating inconsistent goals and expectations

2. Providing many process constraints

3. Wasting time

4. Placing employees in the wrong roles

5. Making work boring

6. Allowing a toxic work environment

7. Not applying enough pressure

8. Leading with a bias

For examples of each of the above, as well as management advice, read the full article here.