Global FM concluded the 2012 series of International Workshops dedicated to the theme 'The new economy: the right time and the right place for FM' with two successful events in São Paulo, Brazil and in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.. Global FM organized, in total, six events this year literally all over the world: Dubai, U.A.E., in March, Paris, France in April, Canberra, Australia in May, London, U.K. in June, São Paulo, Brazil in October and San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. in November.

'Efficiency at Facilities Management' was the main topic discussed during the Global FM International Workshop hosted by ABRAFAC, the Brazilian FM Association in October. The event, gathering over 200 people, was part of the program of ABRAFAC Congress & EXPO 2012. The panel of speakers included Lionel Cottin from ARSEG, Washington Botelho from ISS and Amilcar João Gay Filho from SESC-SP.

The diversity of the panel of speakers allowed for an interesting exchange of views about efficiency in FM and how this is being tackled in France and in Brazil. Despite different approaches, energy efficiency and overall the fight against climate change and CO2 emissions' reductions is definitely at the heart of concerns of the industry be it in Europe, Latin America or in other parts of the world. As main conclusions, speakers and audience highlighted the need to plan ahead and to come up with strategies to facilitate the transition process to a low carbon economy.

Following the event, Marcos Maran, ABRAFAC President stated his satisfaction with the Global FM International Workshop: "It is the second time Global FM organized an International Workshop during ABRAFAC's annual event. This is definitely a great honor for us as a member of Global FM and a great opportunity for our members to hear from international speakers about topics of interest to the whole industry. We noticed great enthusiasm from our members with the Global FM International Workshop and we are already looking forward for next one in 2013."

The last International Workshop of the 2012 series of Global FM events took place in November in San Antonio, Texas, during IFMA's World Workplace Conference & Expo 2012. The event, hosted by the International Facility Management Association included speakers Mauro Campos from Firmenich, Matthew Sheldrick from Qube Global Software, Oscar Chan from the Macau Institute of Management, Sean Bond from ISS, Helena Ohlsson from Ohlsson Global and Paul Carder from the Occupiers Journal Limited.

Dr. Oscar Chan shared his concern over under developed countries struggling to establish FM. "If our vision is to make FM truly global to the effect that we would like to see FM being practiced globally, more efforts and passion to introduce FM through education and training to establish a consistent LOCAL PLATFORM IS THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION". The different comments made by the presenters and audience highlighted that more education is needed as well as future collaboration efforts such as these workshops. However, it needs to be delivered in a manner applicable to local region.

The discussions involving both presenters and audience, especially around the need to gain more exposure with the C-suite, were very active and interesting. Sean Bond of ISS encouraged the audience to position themselves appropriately for visibility whenever possible. However, a need for caution was voiced by several participants that is was important to be truly prepared for the encounters: in other words know your audience, present a clear message of impact and communicate a strong value statement. There was also lively conversation about the ever increasing need for technology as enabler for the FM community, facilitated by Mauro Campos and Matthew Sheldrick.

Following the event Teena Shouse, Global FM Chair expressed her satisfaction with the event.

"The makeup of the session attendees was a true testimony to the diversity but common interest in these types of international sessions. The attendees came from Switzerland to Shanghai to South Africa. I received several comments after the workshop that not only are individual's perspectives broadening from these workshops but there is a sense of international family being built. When people understand that there are others in the world struggling with common issues and are willing to share solutions, it builds an amazing bond. We look forward to many more years of sharing and growing within the Global FM framework. Please feel free to reach out to the session participants for more information about their particular contribution or associated insight."