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The COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 one of the most challenging years in the recent history of the United States. Just about every aspect of daily life was impacted by the pandemic, with education being no different. Schools and universities across the country were forced to suddenly shut their doors after the pandemic spread throughout the United States in the early spring. Some schools and universities opened back up in the fall, but only after weeks of preparing for an educational experience unlike any before.

Healthy Green Schools & Colleges recently interviewed a few managers of both high school and college facilities to gain a better understanding of what the pandemic taught them in 2020. The following is a quick recap of some of their observations:

- The University of Washington was in a position to fight the COVID-19 pandemic from the start because its Building Services Department had undergone a good amount of training and development prior to the outbreak. The department had three main objectives in its battle against COVID-19:  To help flatten the curve, safely perform work and provide meaningful work, said its director, Gene Woodard.

- After learning that the disinfectant it had been using for some time was not on the EPA's "List N," the department responsible for custodial, housekeeping and facilities services at the University of California, Riverside implemented the use of a hospital-grade disinfectant that did meet the standard. The search for a new disinfectant then prompted the department to settle on a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant because it is better for the health of its staff.

- The University of Wisconsin-Madison's housekeeping team had to get creative with how it approached the many difficult situations it was presented. It had to come up with solutions to issues it had never before faced, especially those in residence halls.

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