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The full list of conference sessions for Clean Buildings Expo 2019, which will be held March 26-27 at the Baltimore Convention Center, is now available. This two-day event will showcase the knowledge and expertise of some of the most respected leaders in the cleaning industry.

The available sessions will cover a range of topics through three educational tracks, including: Cleaning Operations, Staffing & Management and Trends & Technologies. All three educational tracks are free and available to each attendee, making Clean Buildings Expo an experience that is entirely customizable to you.

The following is a brief preview of some of the available sessions across the different tracks.

Cleaning Operations:
 • Improving IAQ & Mitigating Mold - Doug Hoffman, Executive Director, NORMI
 • Infection Control Risk Assessment: Best Practices in Health System Facilities - Shari Solomon, Esq., President, CleanHealth Environmental

Staffing & Management:
 • Increasing Productivity: How and Why Remediating Your Cleaning Program Works - Ben Walker, Director of Business Development, Managemen, Inc.
 • Performance-Driven Management: A Roadmap to Your Extraordinary Results - Vince Elliot, President, Elliott Affiliates, Ltd.

Trends & Technologies:
 • Robotics and Automation's Impact on Cleaning - Jon Hill, Co-Founder, LaserClean Systems
 • Nano, Electro, and Hydro: New Technologies in Cleaning - Heidi Wilcox, M.Sc., Owner, WILCOX EVS Solutions

You can view the full list of sessions here. To register, click here.