Flushing toilet concept

The Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) recently announced the addition of Ecolab to its growing coalition of wipes manufacturers, wastewater treatment groups, and public health advocates aiming to educate consumers about what not to flush and spread greater awareness of the “Do Not Flush” symbol.

“RFA and its members enter 2023 with great optimism in our efforts to change consumer behavior when it comes to their flushing habits,” says RFA President Lara Wyss. “The addition of Ecolab to RFA shows that the wipes industry continues to care about public health and environmental safety by helping consumers avoid disastrous clogs in home pipes and community sewers.”

The RFA first launched its #FlushSmart campaign in 2021 to begin spreading awareness of the “Do Not Flush” symbol. Now, the effort has grown to include expanded educational content set to launch in 2023. In California alone, RFA has reached more than 7.7 million social media users across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram through its digital-first consumer education campaign. RFA is aiming to reach even more consumers in the new year to help improve flushing habits and decrease the impact of fatberg-related damage to public infrastructure.

“Ecolab is proud to partner with the Responsible Flushing Alliance to help educate wipes users on their proper disposal. This partnership aligns closely with Ecolab’s purpose to make the world cleaner, safer and healthier; protecting people and vital resources,” states Jonathan Fast, sr. staff scientist, Ecolab.

There are proper labeling laws for wet wipes in effect in California, Washington, Oregon, and Illinois, requiring the inclusion of the “Do Not Flush” symbol on all non-flushable wipes packaging. Many in the wipes industry joined the RFA to advance public awareness and help launch the #FlushSmartTM campaign, which focuses on helping consumers recognize the “Do Not Flush” symbol, where to find it, and recognize the importance of proper flushing habits for home and community health.

Last month, RFA announced that eleeo brands, Unilever, 3M, and Goodwipes also became members of RFA in order to support consumer education efforts and the #FlushSmart campaign.

“eleeo Brands is proud to offer simple, natural health and wellness brands that make life easier,” said Richard Palmer, CEO, eleeo brands. “We believe in the importance of educating consumers on keeping their homes and communities healthy, so we are proud to join the Responsible Flushing Alliance and help contribute to the future of the #FlushSmart educational campaign. By joining the Alliance, we are excited to work with the industry on developing a future with sustainable solutions and smart flushing habits.”