TerraChoice Environmental Marketing and the Chlorine Free Products Association (CFPA) announced today that CFPA is joining forces with the EcoLogo Program, demonstrating how eco-labels can harmonize and work toward a common goal.

"This partnership between EcoLogo and CFPA symbolizes a move toward standardization among eco-labels," says Scott McDougall, President and CEO of TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, which manages the EcoLogo Program. "The harmonization of these two certifications will mean easier decision-making for purchasing professionals and greater sustainability in the working environment."

The EcoLogo Program is expanding its presence in the United States and, with its new partnership with CFPA, will be providing businesses with regional expertise in the Chicago area along with its existing office in Philadelphia.
What does this partnership mean for EcoLogo and CFPA clients? It represents additional benefits for environmental leaders, including discounted audit/verification and licensing fees for clients who seek both certifications as well as a single audit for both certifications. Both EcoLogo and CFPA currently have standards for bath, tissue and copy papers.
"This new relationship between CFPA and EcoLogo will result in cost savings to those operating in the pulp, paper, packaging and printing markets while providing added value for companies looking to promote their environmental performance under the sustainable manufacturing initiative," says Archie Beaton, Executive Director of CFPA. "We are proud to be moving forward together while creating value and affecting positive, measureable change in the environment."