Colleagues talk to each other on the computer screen. Conference video call, working from home.

Whether it’s a preferred method of communication or not, the pandemic has required many of us to familiarize ourselves with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more when it comes to meetings, demos or events. While a return to offices is already underway or imminent for many, the reality is these video calls will have permanence in the majority of industries — and commercial cleaning is no different. 

With that in mind, USA Today talked with with Larry Becky, author of “Great on Camera” to discuss some easy methods anyone can implement to maximize the quality and appearance of video calls: 

Optimize Your Appearance

Especially for higher stakes calls, it’s always important to present yourself as if it was an in-person event, but there are other subtle tips to adopt. Avoid shirts with complex patterns or plaid, as it can put a strain on other people’s eyes. Plain solid colors are the way to go, while extreme light or dark colors can lead to a “blob” looking appearance on the computer camera, Becker notes. 

Set Your Lighting

Perhaps the most common lighting issue is “Shady Face,” which Becker describes as one half of a user’s face being under light while the other is shaded. This can be the result of sitting near a window, or having an asymmetrical light setup at your desk. The best solution is to avoid back lights if possible, and instead use one lamp that is placed directly by your face.

Appropriate Background

While Zoom has a bunch of entertaining and customized background filters that can start up a good conversation or strike up a laugh, always know the audience before taking that route. For more serious calls, instead opt for a simple color background (not green) to minimize distraction from yourself. If no filter is in play, try to limit the amount of objects in your setup, with perhaps just one piece of wall art and little more. 

Camera Angle 

It goes without saying that the least flattering camera angle is one looking up at your face, where viewers can get an unpleasant look at your nostrils. It’s important to be mindful of these throughout the call, as screen shifting or moving around can change your angle and make it less flattering. Try to keep the camera at eye-level throughout the call to avoid distraction and present the best angle of yourself for fellow employees, clients or candidates. 

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