Eastman Chemical Company has featured Nyco Products Company’s OM1 Series line of cleaners, powered by Eastman Omnia, as a sustainably advantaged product in their 2015 Sustainability Report.

With innovation as the driving force of Eastman’s growth strategy1, sustainably advantaged products like OM1 Series are showcasing how innovation can drive the development of cleaners that are both more effective and safer in the areas of human health and the environment.

Nyco chemists, collaborating with Eastman professionals, formulated the OM1 Series of high-performance cleaners with Eastman’s Omnia solvent, listed on DfE’s Safer Chemical Ingredients list and the GreenBlue CleanGredients database.

According to Eastman’s Sustainability Report, “We proactively collaborate downstream with our customers and with their customers to identify needs and opportunities for innovation … we focus our efforts on innovating new products and applications that offer more efficiency, reliability and functionality with less impact on the environment.”

The OM1 Series line consists of an RTU multi-surface cleaner, power degreaser and bath and restroom cleaner. New RTU carpet spot & stain remover and an oven cleaner are slated for release in late 2015. All products in the OM1 Series brand contain the Omnia solvent.

Bob Stahurski, Nyco President and CEO, indicates “It is an honor to have OM1 Series featured in Eastman’s Sustainability Report this year. Omnia’s environmental profile has allowed us to formulate tremendously effective cleaners with a neutral pH, not to mention VOC free, which means they’re safer for people and the environment. We have been in business since 1920 and these are the best performing products with the best environmental profile we’ve ever made.”

Eastman’s full Sustainability Report can be viewed here.