Easterseals' Gala Honors Kaivac as Outstanding Community Partner

Brighter Futures Celebration, Easterseals' annual awards gala, has recently honored Kaivac, Inc. as its 2017 Outstanding Community Partner.

Easterseals' Outstanding Community Partner Award is presented to a person or a company that has taken steps to remove barriers and provide opportunities for people with disabilities, facing disadvantages, and veterans.
Easterseals and Kaivac have had a partnership since 2004. The company now has 20 Easterseal employees working in its manufacturing center, producing more than 60 unique parts used in Kaivac equipment.

"Easterseals is a leader not only in helping people with disabilities find work, but [is] changing the perception of people with disadvantages," according to Robert Robinson, Sr., President of Kaivac. "Everyone deserves a chance to reach their full potential and Easterseals is helping to make that happen."

Robinson adds that at Kaivac, the company does not view these people as having a disability.

"Yes, our hearts do go out to these people, but we are looking for people that can help us build our tools and equipment. They help us do this and have proven to be valued team members at Kaivac."

Over the years, Kaivac has made several commitments to its local community. For instance, the company has always manufactured its products at its Hamilton, OH, corporate and manufacturing campus.
It has also taken steps to create an environment that gives all types of people the opportunity to become valued members of the community.
"It's a tremendous honor for Kaivac to receive this award," adds Robinson. "We are proud of our relationship with Easterseals and proud of the people we have hired through Easterseals. We're helping to make their lives more productive and they are helping us make products for our customers that makes their jobs more productive as well."