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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not recommend that fogging, fumigation, electrostatic spraying or drone application of disinfectants be used to combat COVID-19, unless the product’s label provides specific instruction in how to do so, according to a recent website post from the agency. 

The EPA says it has not yet evaluated the safety and efficacy of any product being used for these methods that are not included on the label, though it is sifting through applications to add directions for using electrostatic sprayers to apply products intended to kill COVID-19. 

"As new data emerge, EPA may consider allowing registrants to add directions for use with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) to the labels of disinfectants products for large, indoor areas (e.g., stadiums, arenas),” says the EPA’s website. “UAV application would be limited to surfaces specified on the label (e.g., hard nonporous surfaces). EPA may require efficacy data or standardized label language to protect human health. Registrants are encouraged to contact EPA to request pre-submission discussions for these types of submissions."

Until the EPA makes any other ruling, it’s advised that cleaning professionals follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations that surfaces be cleaned and have liquid disinfectant product applied to prevent the spread of COVID-19.