GenEon Technologies, an on-site generating technology company, has been awarded an EPA Registration Number for their On-site Generating System. The technology has been approved for use as a Broad Spectrum Disinfectant. The product can be used to disinfect Health Care, Schools, Universities, Day Care Centers, Doctors, and Dentist Office, Ambulance Services and similar facilities.

GenEon Technologies' on-site generating system makes it possible for users to create cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing and disinfection solutions on-site. The products are environmentally sustainable, using only natural renewable resources, and do not generate a waste stream. This provides an alternative to chemical disinfectants, which have storage and shipping challenges and hazards. The award is the first of its type for the compact technology.

GenEon's solution is based on their Onsite Generation technology, which brings technology to the space that was previously associated with chemicals only. This shift to technology and away from chemicals allows for increased results in the remediation of harmful pathogens and increased health and safety of the workers responsible for the cleanliness and health of buildings.

Dr. Hal King, Ph.D., President and CEO of Public Health Innovations and former Commander, USPHS at the CDC and Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases at Emory University School of Medicine noted, "This registration will now allow GenEon to play a strategic role in the pursuit of the prevention of infectious diseases in health-care, schools, and in retail food service and sales environments."

EPA Registration of GenEon's non-toxic OSG system comes at a time when states like California, Washington, and others are requiring that workers be advised of the health side effects when working with a chemical disinfectant.

This past April the U.S. Patent Office and the International Patent Society approved GenEon Technologies for an entire family of devices for Blended Stream Technologies. The GenEon's Immerse-A-Clean has earned a second patent as the first Portable On Site Generator of Cleaners, Sanitizers and Disinfectants.