a toilet flushing

Disinfectant wipes have been bought in mass for weeks as Americans try to keep their homes and possessions clean of COVID-19. While the act of using the wipes in it of itself is fine, how the wipes are being disposed is causing problems.

People have been making the serious plumbing mistake of flushing disinfectant wipes down the toilet. In fact, this is happening so often that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency feels a need to issue a warning deterring Americans from flushing the wipes, reports Fox News.

According to the report, the EPA says only toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet and that disinfectant wipes and "non-flushable" items must be tossed into the garbage.

Those who want to be extra careful that nobody comes in contact with their used disinfectant wipes are advised to place these items inside a tightly sealed bag and then place that bag in another bag, reports Fox News.