EDIC (www.edic-usa.com), manufacturer of professional floor cleaning and floor care equipment and tools, has just launched a new website.

EDIC is excited to announce the launching of stage 1 of the new EDIC website.  The website is designed to be user friendly when looking for products with easy navigation, vibrant imagery, and products by the type of cleaning you perform.  The new EDIC website has a “responsive design” which means that it will automatically format to the screen you are looking at it on whether it is your phone, tablet or computer.  This makes the site more convenient for customers that are on the go and is important for search engine optimization (SEO).

For stage 2 of development for the new website, EDIC has committed to adding new product videos on a monthly basis on how to properly operate and maintain their machines so customers and prospects have an up-to-date resource for their products or product research.

“The new site will help generate more leads for our partners, and be an easy to use, up-to-date resource for existing customers and new prospects,” says Nick Wiebe, Marketing Director.