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EBP Supply Solutions (EBP), distributor of cleaning and foodservice supplies and services in the eastern United States, marks its 100th year anniversary. Originally known as Bridgeport Paper, Isidore Baum and his brother Samuel founded the company on September 16, 1918 to support the packaging needs of the thriving manufacturing community around the Bridgeport, CT area. Samuel eventually bought out his brother and renamed the company Eastern Bag and Paper. In 2012, the company was rebranded to EBP Supply Solutions to better convey that its capabilities extend far beyond just bags and paper.

Like most other companies that have made it to the century milestone, EBP has gone through several changes over the years. Through acquisitions and green field expansions, the company has grown from one location, covering a portion of Connecticut, to three locations delivering all along the east coast from Maine down to northern Virginia. Today, EBP still offers its customers the traditional cleaning and paper items, and its portfolio also includes an expansive foodservice offering, warewash and laundry programs as well as industry-leading training and equipment sales & service programs.

From its modest beginning in 1918 to now, EBP has been owned and led by the same family. The current CEO, Meredith Reuben, is the granddaughter of Samuel and great niece of Isidore, the two founding brothers. When asked about EBP’s longevity, Reuben stated, “One of the keys to success for EBP Supply Solutions has been its ability to listen and respond to the changing needs of its customer base. Our customers face stiffer competition and oversight. They challenge us to help them reduce their overall operational costs, offer frictionless service and provide differentiated offerings that work well for them and their customers. As a distribution partner, we provide expert thinking, top brands and service and training to our customers to help them meet their goals and help make them shine.”