Dyson donated 15 hand dryers to the City of Trenton to help solve its paper woes. The switch will save the city nearly $45,000 annually, eliminating the need to purchase, restock, store and dispose of paper towels. New Jersey capital Trenton has been entrenched in a war over the spiraling cost of paper products – and was set to run out of toilet paper on March 16th.
“Dyson’s donation of 15 Airblade hand dryers will help the City of Trenton realize significant cost savings and cut paper towel waste. The switch could help save the city nearly $45,000 on paper towels annually, in addition to cutting carbon emissions,” stated Mayor Tony Mack.
James Dyson said: “Using paper to dry hands is costly and creates waste - it’s inefficient. With Airblade, our engineers have developed a way to dry hands hygienically and efficiently using air knives that squeegee hands dry in 12 seconds.”