Drone in flight

Recently recognized at a U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting, a free commercial drone training program offered by the City of East Orange in New Jersey provided 20 local residents area with certification to operate the vehicles after the completion of a comprehensive course.

A reported by Tap Into East Orange, the program continues the legacy of the Eagle Flight Program which originated in 1975 and provided teenagers with the necessary skills to maintain and operate drones. Having the unique skillset opens up the door for pivotal job opportunities in a market that has a promising future in today’s time. 

The program was also inspired by a surge in drone demand during the pandemic, where facilities sought its services to complete a variety of facility management tasks including, mapping, maintenance, inspection, security and even the cleaning of buildings. The accessibility to difficult parts of facilities to reach, along with its cost effective nature were key drivers in its growth. 

The program was organized in a collaboration with the East Orange Mayor’s office and Alpha Drones, a local manufacturer. The course lasted six weeks with a hybrid training structure — highlighted by use of drones to commercial cleaning the East Orange Municipal Court and City Hall.

Photos of the program in-action can be seen here