Maker of heavy-duty hand cleansing products and parent company of Gent-l-kleen Products, Inc., Dreumex, has renewed a sponsorship deal with the Dutch rally team XDakar. Dreumex and Gent-l-kleen will be offering several promotional products throughout the sponsorship, the company says. 

“We are pleased to continue the cooperation with XDakar," says Jan-Chris Heeger, Dreumex chief executive officer. "The first sponsor year showed us that our target group has a great interest in the Dakar Rally and in particular Team XDakar. That’s why Team XDakar will again be the face of our 'I love dirty hands' campaign. In the run up to Dakar the mechanics of Team XDakar will get dirty hands and get in contact with several soilings like oil, grease and sand while they are working on the vehicles. The mechanics can only perform in their work when they have healthy hands and ensure that Team XDakar will reach the finish line." 

The team will participate in the Dakar Rally South America in 2014.