Hand sanitizer

A wristband that releases hand sanitizer has been developed by an Alabama doctor specializing in otolaryngology.

Dr. Stephen Chandler created "SaniStrap" so people could carry around hand sanitizer and apply it with ease multiple times a day, reports WVLT in Knoxsville, Tennessee. Chandler hopes the refillable wristband will become an asset to people as they re-enter the workforce.

Chandler has had more time than usual to work on his invention because the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed many of the operations that he would otherwise perform.

One of Chandler's assistants says the invention helps her because it now takes less time for her to apply hand sanitizer between working with patients or conducting daily tasks.

Chandler says SaniStrap could be helpful in combating other illnesses commonly spread by hand, such as the flu, the common cold and food poisoning. He is currently having thousands of the wristbands made.

While hand sanitizer is a great tool in stopping the spread of illness, it is possible to use too much of the product.