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Diversey announced that its North American Technical Operations and Customer Service Team has received Gold Certification from the Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA). The CSIA is accredited by the International Council of Customer Service Organizations and has the exclusive North American rights to distribute the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) and certify organizations against the Standard. 

Diversey North America is the first hygiene solutions provider in the world to qualify for Gold Certification, which is awarded to organizations that score 6 or higher across 27 attributes and is valid for three years. The company’s Service Excellence program relies on transparency, integrity and consistency to continually deliver superior results for customers.

“By prioritizing service over selling, we instill in our Service Specialists the importance of going above and beyond to help customers run safe, clean, efficient and profitable businesses,” said Edwin Van Der Heijden, Vice President – Hospitality & Food Service, North America, Diversey. “By listening to our customers’ needs, identifying potential gaps in customer care and building a team of dedicated employees, we deliver the best service in the industry and this certification further confirms this fact.”

Diversey’s Service Specialists operate separately from the sales team and focus solely on customer care rather than commission. After the conclusion of every service visit, customers are prompted to complete a two-question survey to rate their Service Specialist and the Service Excellence program, both on a scale of 1 to 5. This feedback drives continuous improvement and encourages Service Specialists to fulfill the Service Excellence promise every day.

“Certification from the CSIA is a widely recognized and prestigious distinction,” said Christine Churchill, Founder and CEO, CSIA. “We are pleased to award Diversey North America with Gold Certification for their dedication, passion and ability to spend the necessary time with customers to ensure they are delivering the best experience possible.”

“As a Diversey customer, I can personally attest that the team’s devotion to Service Excellence shines through in every interaction,” said Meredith Reuben, CEO, EBP Supply Solutions. “This certification further demonstrates that Diversey cares deeply for its customers and is committed to helping them grow their businesses.”