Diversey Care Receives Prestigious Environmental Verification

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division announced that its patented TASKI IntelliFlow solution flow technology has earned an environmental claim validation (ECV) badge from Underwriters Laboratories. The technology helps deliver the proper amount of cleaning solution and water onto the floor according to the floor care machine’s speed. UL, which also issues GREENGUARD and ECOLOGO certifications, determined that TASKI IntelliFlow technology saved an average of 76 percent of water and chemicals compared to floor scrubbers without the system.

“With so many ‘green’ products and services on the market, it’s increasingly difficult for businesses to know if a solution truly delivers on its environmental savings promises,” said Dan Daggett, Executive Director - Sustainability, Diversey Care. “We pursued this certification so that our customers can be confident in the operational savings delivered by our TASKI IntelliFlow technology.”

Because the speed-dependent application technology always delivers a consistent amount of solution per square foot, operators can reduce the number of tank refills and wasted water. The technology also improves cleaning results. The TASKI swingo floor care machine models that now carry the ECV badge include: 855 B, 1255, 1650, 1850, 1655, 1855, XP-R, XP-M, 2100 micro, 2500, 4000 and 5000.

“By adding IntelliFlow technology to TASKI swingo floor care machines, Diversey Care continues its tradition of transforming everyday cleaning through innovation,” added Daggett. “This certification confirms that our technology delivers on its promise to improve sustainability and reduce costs for customers.”