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Diversey, Inc. announced the acquisition of the global intellectual property rights related to Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP), an innovative technology, from Virox Technologies, Inc.

AHP is a globally patented, synergistic blend of commonly used ingredients that produces exceptional potency as a germicide and superior performance as a cleaner. It has proven to be a fast, effective, responsible and sustainable solution. 

Each year, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and food-borne illnesses impact millions of people globally. Over the past decade, Diversey and Virox have partnered to develop a number of AHP-based solutions to address these concerns, including brands such as Oxivir, Accel, and ViperTM/MC. 

In the last several years, Diversey has invested significantly to build a leadership position in healthcare and infection prevention through thought leadership, innovation, and evidence-based product and practice development.  This acquisition supports Diversey’s continued mission to reduce preventable infections, control associated costs, and ultimately help save lives across the world.

“Adding this intellectual property to our portfolio will enhance our ability to accelerate innovation and grow our position in infection prevention globally,” says Mark Burgess, CEO of Diversey, “It will inform our future investment decisions as we continue to apply science to protect people every day. This major acquisition reaffirms Diversey's global commitment to achieve profitable growth through innovation and acquisition.”

Diversey will continue to license the technology to key partners where this solution can be used to deliver value across other markets.