Hand written word Infection control on blackboard with Medical mask

Diversey has announced a strategic partnership with the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) for 2022. APIC is the leading association for infection prevention and control (IPC) professionals, with more than 15,000 infection preventionist (IP) members.

The APIC Strategic Partner program establishes long-term relationships with industry partners united in the common goal advancing the science and practice of infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities and beyond. APIC Strategic Partners play an important role in supporting many of the educational initiatives and services that benefit APIC’s membership, which is comprised of nurses, physicians, epidemiologists, microbiologists, public health professionals and other individuals dedicated to preventing the spread of infection.

“Diversey is pleased to support APIC as a Strategic Partner this year,” says Larinda Becker, executive director of Marketing — Infection Prevention. “We hope this partnership helps strengthen APIC’s efforts to create a safer world through the prevention of infection.” 

APIC Strategic Partners fully supports the Competency Advancement Assistance (CAA) Program—APIC’s financial assistance program that help IPs further their education by managing the cost associated with obtaining the Certification in Infection Prevention and Control (CIC) credential. The CAA program covers exam fees and study resources for up to 50 IPs annually.

“We are excited to welcome Diversey as an APIC Strategic Partner as we prepare to celebrate APIC’s 50th anniversary,” says APIC CEO Devin Jopp, EdD, MS. “As we work toward advancing the science and practice of infection prevention and control, our hope is that together, we can create a safer world through the prevention of infection.”