A mobile phone with an app open


Hill & Markes, a family-owned wholesale distributor announced in a statement that the Hill & Markes mobile app is available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store.

The Hill & Markes mobile app gives users the full website experience and access to their entire product line without being confined to their desktop or laptop.

“I can’t overstate how eager I am to get the new Hill & Markes mobile app into the hands of our customers. Exciting features like voice to search and the barcode scanner and the ease of accessing our customer service via integrated chat truly shatter the digital barriers to interacting with our customers,” said Nick Seefeld, e-commerce manager at Hill & Markes. “It’s lightning fast, too. The new mobile app is far and away the most exciting project that I’ve worked on with Hill & Markes.”

The transition from the Hill & Markes website to the mobile app is a seamless one – go from desktop to mobile with ease, everything will be right where the user left off. The app features a barcode scanner – the fastest way to build a shopping cart – and voice to search functionality to avoid any autocorrect interference. Customers can access their go-to My Items list front and center on the home screen and live chat with the company's customer service team on the spot. If users are in areas with insufficient cell reception, the app allows them to queue up an order offline and push items to cart when they hit cell service or Wi-Fi.