We have moved, changed address

EBP Supply Solutions, a wholesale distributor headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, has expanded their distribution locations to include a new, modern facility just outside of Philadelphia.

The move comes after the company has seen steady, continued growth in the Mid-Atlantic over the last decade. 

Strategically positioned in Burlington, New Jersey, the facility will allow EBP to provide enhanced services to customers in the Mid-Atlantic market, particularly those in Philadelphia down to Washington, DC.

The new 85,000-square-foot warehouse is taller than the company's previous facility, offering greater vertical rack space. This enables EBP to move into a facility with a smaller footprint, fortifying its commitment to a more sustainable future, while still allowing for growth. 

President of EBP Supply Solutions, Matthew Sugarman, stated, “We are excited to transition into our new warehouse. The facility will feature an interactive training center, designed to simulate real cleaning environments, where front-line cleaning staff and supervisors can participate in hands-on courses. Our equipment service and repair technicians will also be able to leverage this location, providing our customers with faster janitorial equipment maintenance and shorter turnaround times. We look forward to this exciting chapter in our growth, and to welcoming our business partners, customers, and employees to our new location.” 

As EBP looks to further widen its distribution capabilities, the new facility will support the company's anticipated future growth in the Mid-Atlantic.