Distribution One Website

Distribution One recently announced a newly redesigned website, https://www.distone.com, showcasing the new release of ERP-ONE distribution software as well as customer testimonials, informational resources, and the new spotlight on user roles.

The user-friendly website serves visitors holding prior experience with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software as well as those exploring the company-wide benefits of ERP for the first time. Those new to ERP software will enjoy the ERP Learning Path covering topics like software evaluation, scalability, differentiation from accounting systems, and more. Experienced distributors can view individual program functionality featuring screencaps from the new ERP-ONE software.

In addition, a new feature on the website provides an overview of specific role-based user activities like Financial Management, Inventory Management, Sales, and more by showcasing some of the programs that users rely upon to fulfill these daily responsibilities. The Distribution One website also shares valuable content including the company's news and blog, an events calendar, white papers, customer success stories, and more.

“Just as our user-friendly ERP-ONE software simplifies the complex,” explains Distribution One president Larry Ward, “We’ve built our website to deliver information to help visitors understand how our innovations in ERP and integrated E-Commerce will help simplify their jobs and make their companies more profitable. For over 25 years, this customer-centric approach has been the force driving Distribution One innovations.”

As an end-to-end ERP distribution software resource for wholesalers and distributors across industries including fasteners, industrial supply, Jan/San, fine paper, and more, the 2022 Distribution One website expands an ongoing commitment to provide educational resources and a positive user experience.