Dissan Group Names Avmor Supplier of the Year

Dissan Group, Canada’s largest sales and marketing distribution group for the professional cleaning industry, has just honored Avmor as Supplier of the Year for 2016.

Founded in 1991, the Dissan Group is a marketing organization specializing in the distribution of professional cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment.

Dissan Group members are all independent distributors of jansan products across Canada.

They are all cleaning professionals who provide a wide range of value-added services for their customers, helping their customers become cleaning leaders in their respective local and regional markets.

Avmor has been supplying professional cleaning solutions to Dissan and its members since for more than a decade.

The Supplier of the Year Award is given to a supplier based on such things as the following:
•    Number of group members buying from the supplier
•    Sales volume of the company
•    Sales growth
•    Rebate programs
•    Support and training of Dissan Group members
•    Product quality
•    On-time delivery
•    Support to end-users

The award was accepted by Paul Goldin, Vice-President of Professional Cleaning Solutions for Avmor.

“We are very honored to receive this award,” says Goldin. “We should note that Dissan Group is considered one of Canada’s 50 Best Companies.  So winning from such an esteemed company makes this all the more important to us.”