Businessman tied up in red tape

It could permanently become easier to bring some disinfectants to market after the COVID-19 pandemic than it had been in years past. That's because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeing some benefits from temporarily clearing hurdles for the pandemic, reports Bloomberg Environment.

Wanting to help bring relief to Americans during the ongoing crisis, the EPA updated its policies in April to permit companies to change certain ingredients in their disinfectants so that they could help kill the virus without going through a bunch of "administrative hurdles."

So far, the temporary changes the EPA put in place have created a win-win situation. Casting aside some of the "administrative hoops" has allowed manufacturers to releases disinfectants that help the public without compromising the environment, says Alexandra Dapolito Dunn, assistant administrator for chemical safety and prevention at the EPA, according to Bloomberg.

The final decision on whether or not to restore the previous requirements will be determined by the EPA's pesticide office after the pandemic.