On My Fox Colorado, one reporter shared her story of Atlanta hotels that were not meeting cleanliness requirements. According to the article, health reports indicated that the Holiday Inn Downtown, the Alpharetta Embassy Suites and the Sheraton Galleria Suites were not only dirty, their cleaning practices were clear health code violations.

One major complaint of health concerns involved guest room cups or glasses. At the Embassy Suites, a housekeeper sprayed a blue liquid labeled "Do Not Drink" into the cups and put them in the dirty sink, rinsed them and set them back out for the next guest. A Holiday Inn housekeeper rinsed the glass with only water before moving on to other cleaning duties. The Sheraton housekeeper, wearing rubber gloves the whole time, first cleaned the toilet and then the glasses, and followed up by using a dirty washcloth to dry the glasses.

According to the article, a spokeswoman for Embassy Suites wouldn't go on camera but let it slip, "Well they only have X amount of time to clean a room and that's why they do it." Some might argue that staff isn't given enough time to properly clean rooms, if this is the case.

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