3 stars representing award wins

Design Collective by Cintas won three Image of the Year Awards at the recent awards ceremony held in conjunction with The Network Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD) annual convention in Reston, Virginia. The Design Collective fashion house is a business unit of Cintas Corporation. 

Design Collective apparel programs that were recognized at the awards ceremony included:

  • Spotlight 29 Casino: Entertainment Venue category – casinos
  • Sabanera Health: Healthcare category
  • Pioneer Natural Resources: Safety & Industrial category: Flame Resistant


NAUMD’s Image of the Year Awards recognize the best workplace apparel programs across several industries. Design Collective and its clients have won Image of the Year Awards for more than 20 consecutive years.

“We’re honored to be recognized for our work with a variety of clients to develop award-winning, fashionable collections that help employees feel confident and comfortable,” says Kristin Sharp, director of Design Collective by Cintas. “Innovative image apparel has the ability to help companies enhance their brand, boost employee morale and improve customer satisfaction while creating a competitive edge in their markets.”

Spotlight 29 Casino:

Spotlight 29 Casino offers the most in-demand slots, world-class table games and blackjack. They needed a new apparel program that was easy and simple for their employees. To meet their immediate needs, Spotlight 29 Casino utilized Ready To Wear and modified garments from Design Collective. The collection includes fashionable, functional and comfortable apparel to meet the needs of multiple job functions, including dealers, slot attendants, housekeeping and more.   

For the usher program, Design Collective presented Spotlight 29 with sleek, custom garments in bright colors, including lightweight shirts with visibility to help guests to easily recognize them during events.

Sabanera Health:

Sabanera Health will become the most exclusive and complete medical facility in Puerto Rico, compared in facilities and service level to a 5-star hotel. They wanted their apparel program to reflect that level of finesse. To achieve this, they enlisted the collaboration of celebrity designer Nono Maldonado and Design Collective. Together, they created a collection reflective of the local environment as well as the Sabanera brand.

The collection incorporates soft lines, light colors and a modern fit for the garments into a healing harmony of comfort, performance and luxury White and cheerful colors were used throughout the program to coordinate with the bright accents found in the interiors while soft silhouettes such as Saint Laurent-inspired bow blouses were a must to add a feminine touch. The program covers 200 wearers and includes tailored apparel for the front-of-house operations, and a collection of scrubs for the clinical and industrial back-of-house functions that were designed for comfort, performance, and technology so that healthcare workers could be at their best. By combining exclusive products with ready-to-wear apparel, Design Collective created a cohesive collection that is fresh and unique.

Pioneer Natural Resources:

Pioneer Natural Resources operates as an oil and gas exploration and production company. The flame-resistant clothing collection is a mix and match wardrobe offering that includes year-round garments to keep employees warm, cool, dry and comfortable in every environmental element. The collection offers modern silhouettes and updated fabrications that are lightweight and breathable, including Henley’s, button downs, jeans, jackets, hooded sweatshirts and more from various brands such as Ariat and Carhartt.