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A commercial cleaning franchise in Albuquerque, New Mexico is getting more demand for its disinfectant services from commercial properties in the area.

Maid Brigade is being asked to apply hospital-grade disinfectant via electronic sprayer to businesses in the city, reports Albuquerque Journal

Disinfecting using electrostatic technology isn't a really new concept. In fact, Maid Brigade began deploying the cleaning systems to its franchises two years ago. However, demand for the service had been small. Then COVID-19 hit.

Franchise owner Joanna Silva tells the Albuquerque Journal that her team is constantly using the the technology. She says it provides businesses with a little bit more piece of mind as they begin to reopen.

The service is especially a help to the franchise as its residential customers are requesting less service because they want less people in their homes. For example, about 70 percent of its customers were residential before COVID-19. Now, closer to 70 percent of customers are commercial.