Delivering The Cleanliness Hotel Guests Expect

A recent study found that more than 60 percent of hotel guests read reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, AAA and elsewhere before booking rooms, and 71 percent of guests expect "above average" cleanliness ratings when choosing hotels, according to an article on the Hotel Business website.

But meeting these expectations can be challenging. According to a recent time and motion study, it takes an average 43 minutes to clean the room of a departing guest, nearly 20 minutes longer than cleaning a stayover guest’s room.

To meet these expectations, hotel managers should take special care to identify heavy checkout days and set weekly housekeeping schedules that will maximize housekeeping capabilities during heavy checkout periods, the article said.

Cleaning professionals should prioritize rooms of guests who are checking out to ensure clean rooms are ready for incoming guests.

The housekeeping staff should be given a daily up-to-date list of scheduled checkouts, including late checkouts.

In addition, the housekeeping staff should be thoroughly trained on new vacuums. They should know how to change belts, bags and filters, as well as how to properly remove clogs.

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