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DebMed, known in the healthcare market because of its DebMed Monitoring System and specialized skincare products, is now SC Johnson Professional. While part of SC Johnson Professional since 2015, the rebranding marks the company’s continued expansion into the healthcare segment.

“We’re bringing together a legacy of leadership in skincare with proven, trusted products from SC Johnson to help protect patients and caregivers in the healthcare setting,” said Martin McGonagle, General Manager, Healthcare for SC Johnson Professional. “We are now one brand, one product line, one family company that includes the same trusted DebMed skincare and monitoring products designed to help reduce infections, increase patient safety and decrease costs.”

The transition to the SC Johnson Professional brand is expected to be completed throughout the next year. The new brand was shown for the first time at the APIC 2019 conference, June 12-14, in Philadelphia.   

Under the SC Johnson Professional name, the former DebMed line will be paired with well-known SC Johnson brands and innovative professional cleaning and hygiene products for the healthcare market. The healthcare product line for SC Johnson Professional will now include:  

Skin care. Our scientists have formulated our range of soaps, sanitizers, lotions and surgical scrubs to help prevent the spread of infection while also keeping hands moisturized and healthy. Combined with our innovative DebMed Hand Hygiene Compliance System, SC Johnson Professional is well positioned to assist healthcare facilities with improving hand hygiene compliance.
Floor care. Our simple 3-product system is the only floor care system most users will ever need. Engineered to help simplify and enhance the user experience, the system works on nearly every substrate and with most existing cleaning methods and equipment. There is also no strong odor, a benefit for healthcare environments.
Surface care. Our patented Trushot Mobile Dispensing System simplifies hard surface cleaner dilution dispensing and replaces wall-mounted or other concentrate dispensing systems. The spill-free TruShot chemistry cartridges, are available in both disinfectant and non-disinfectant, and easily snap into place. The TruShot Mobile Dispensing System provides users with all the benefits of a concentrate, in an easy to use mobile dispensing system and requires no mixing, measuring or stopping from users. The SC Johnson Professional surface care portfolio also features our highly effective Coverage TB Plus disinfectant line available in both wipes and ready-to-use sprays. 
Consumer products. With over 130 years of experience, SC Johnson Professional brings trusted, quality brands to the healthcare marketplace that consumers – and patients – have come to recognize, such as Glade, Windex, Pledge, Drano and Fantastik.