Deb Group announced that its GrittyFOAM industrial hand cleaner recently received gold medal honors in the first annual Occupational Health and Safety Canada (OHS Canada) Readers’ Choice Awards. GrittyFOAM took home first place in the Hand and Arm Protection category.

“There is an on-going misconception in the industry that a hand cleanser’s performance is measured by its ability to clean hands aggressively, with disregard for skin safety,” said Michael Bogdanski, CEO of Deb in North America. “Most cleansers far surpass the user’s actual requirements, leading to a cycle of dangerous and costly skin irritation and disease that could easily be prevented. Winning the OHS Canada Readers’ Choice Award for Hand and Arm Protection proves that the industry perception is finally changing. Users are embracing products like GrittyFOAM that are gentler on the hands and skin, yet still powerful and effective.”    

GrittyFOAM is the first-ever heavy-duty foaming hand cleanser with scrubbers suspended in the foam. It is specifically formulated to combine the cleaning power of traditional heavy-duty hand cleansers with the gentleness of foam. Preferred by 9 out of 10 users in a recent user study, GrittyFOAM is suitable for any industrial environment where medium to heavy contamination of oil, grease, general grime and many other common workplace soilings are encountered. Additionally, GrittyFOAM has been proven to provide 47% more washes per liter compared to traditional heavy-duty cleansers. Its revolutionary foam design reduces the amount of water needed to lather and rinse hands, reducing water consumption and energy usage, driving down costs and helping to meet sustainability goals.

Product submissions for the OHS Canada Readers’ Choice Awards were accepted in the categories of Apparel, Arc Flash Protection, Emergency Eyewashes, Eye and Face Protection, Foot Protection, Gas Detection/Instrumentation, Hand and Arm Protection, Head Protection and Inspection Checklist Books. Based on a popular vote from hygiene and safety industry experts and consumers, GrittyFOAM was chosen the winner in the Hand and Arm Protection category. Winners were announced on OHS Canada’s website and in the OHS Canada e-newsletter. For a complete list of winners, visit