Deb Group confirms that it has acquired the patent entitled ‘Alcoholic Pump Foam’ from Evonik Stockhausen GmbH.

This patent has been acquired to complement Deb Group’s own intellectual property covering foaming alcohol sanitizers, which is reflected in an estate of granted and pending patents.

Bryan Anderson, Deb Group CEO commented:  ‘Deb Group was the first company to launch low pressure foaming alcohol sanitizers in 2004.  Purchase of this alcohol foam patent from Evonik Stockhausen will allow the group to broaden and deepen its intellectual property position in this important technology.’

Separately, Deb Group confirms that complaints of patent infringement have been filed against Ecolab Company in the Federal Courts of Canada and against Kimberly-Clark in the Federal Courts of Australia following the grant of Deb Group’s alcohol foam patents in those countries.