Sales consultant and Sanitary Maintenance columnist Dave Kahle will be hosting a two-day seminar for sales managers in Las Vegas, NV on March 22 and 23, 2012.
The seminar is designed to take the self-taught and new sales manager to a higher level of proficiency.
According to Kahle, “Our experience tells us that probably fewer than 10% of all sales managers have any education in how to do their job well.”

The seminar teaches the five key processes that enable first-line sales/branch managers to excel at jobs  and dramatically improve the performance of the sales people who they supervise. The processes are: hiring new salespeople; coaching and counseling; setting individual goals; monthly conferences; and managing the training and development of your salespeople.

Kahle says, “The world of distribution is full of sales managers and supervisors who have learned on-the-job.  With a little bit of additional structure and exposure to the best practices of their professions, they can become exceptional.”