Alliance USA Mexico

In an effort to further promote the safety of health of Spanish-speaking employees in the workplace, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offices in Fort Worth and Dallas recently signed a two-year alliance with the Dallas Mexican Consultant. 

Specifics of the two-year partnership include access to training materials and health outreach resources for employees working general industry or construction positions. Additionally, this alliance will also emphasize that employees fully understand their responsibilities and rights as a worker under the OSHA Safety and Health Act. The alliance includes consulates, trade organizations, educational institutions and business that all collaborate to make sure the aforementioned resources are available and understood by all employees. 

"OSHA's alliance with the Mexican Consulate in Dallas will prevent many Spanish-speaking people working in North Texas from needless injuries or worse," explains OSHA Area Director Basil Singh in Dallas. "Every U.S. worker, regardless of their immigration status, has the right to a safe workplace and to receive information in their own language. 

"Working with the Mexican Consulate in Dallas will help us reach out to many workers who we might not otherwise have access to,” says OSHA Area Timothy Minor in Fort Worth, Texas. "By breaking down the language barrier, we can help these workers understand the rights to be protected from needless harm."

These alliances aim to prevent tragic events in the workplace by making sure employees are being trained in their preferred language with essential resources to clarify any questions.