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Each year, Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC presents the DEAL Program Awards to distributors throughout North America and Europe that have taken significant steps to reduce consumption and operate more sustainably and efficiently. 

DEAL (Distributor Efficiency Analytics & Learning) is an online program developed by Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC. It incorporates learning, analytics, and recognition to help distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers benchmark their use of water, energy, fuel, and other metrics to help streamline their business operations and realize cost savings in the process.

"We also conduct semi-annual performance reviews for all our clients," says Katrina Saucier, project manager for the program. "This goes to the core of the program. The review helps quantify the client's involvement with the DEAL program, verify money saved since joining the program, expenditures averted, as well as how much they have reduced their environmental impact."

As to money saved, Saucier says that the combined savings of all the distributors in the DEAL program since 2016 is nearly $1.5 million. That figure is can be attributed to actual cost savings as well as costs that were avoided by joining the program. 

The 2019 DEAL Award Winners are:

1. Dalco Enterprises, Inc. – New Brighton, Minnesota

2. EBP Supply Solutions, Inc. – Milford, Connecticut 

3. EBP Supply Solutions, Inc. – Tewksbury, Massachusetts 

4. EBP Supply Solutions, Inc. – Cranbury, New Jersey

5. Hillyard, Inc. – Hartford, Connecticut

6. Iowa-Des Moines Supply, Des Moines, Iowa

7. Baker Paper & Supply, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

8. Industrial Cleaning Equipment Ltd, Totton and Eling, Hampshire, England

9. Nichols – North Shores, Minnesota

10. Nichols – Bowling Green, Ohio

11. North American Corporation – Glenview, Illinois

12. Nyco Products Company, Countryside, Illinois

13. Philip Rosenau Co., Inc., Warminster, Pennsylvania

14. PRIDE Industries – Roseville, California

15. Rochester Midland Corporation – Rochester, New York

16. S. Freedman & Sons, Inc., Landover, Maryland

17. Solaris Paper – Santa Fe Springs, California

18. WAXIE Sanitary Supply – Mesa, Arizona

19. ABCO Industries – Romulus, Michigan

"We should point out that the DEAL program is like a journey," says Saucier. "It continues to pay dividends over time by reducing operating costs, attracting more and better customers for DEAL participants, as they protect the environment to boot."