DDI System announces the launch of two all-new websites: ddisys.com and informsmallbusiness.com.  

“With the launch of our new small business edition, we wanted a user-friendly way to highlight the many technology features included in both the enterprise and SBE editions while introducing the differences.  I believe we’ve done that through an innovative “Team Advantage” approach at ddisys.com and a “Step Up” approach for informsmallbusiness.com.” - Rayna Naclerio, Director of Marketing

At DDISYS.com enhanced navigation allows independent wholesale distribution companies to learn about DDI System’s team approach.

At InformSmallBusiness.com, smaller distributors take the next step from accounting centric packages and integrate your entire operations. Inform SBE (small business edition) integrates automated purchasing, flexible pricing, complete inventory management, and advanced accounting with drill down general ledger and comprehensive reporting features.  

“DDI System has been helping wholesale distributors take control over every segment of their business for 20 years– keeping in mind the many changes affecting your industry and capitalizing on the newest technology to improve performance.  We've tightly integrated all of inform’s screens, in both the enterprise and small business editions,  to seamlessly organize and run your operations with maximum efficiency and no duplication.” - Adam Waller, President of DDI System.