Colorful watercolor blotches on a white background

An Italian artist took advantage of her home quarantine situation by appropriately painting the place everyone should be spending more time at: bathroom sink.

Marta Grossi says the inspiration to paint fun images hit her when she was returning from the grocery store and realized that it was absolute chaos outside of her apartment, reports Insider. Wanting to escape the scene that she described as "apocalyptic," Grossi decided while washing her hands that she was going to paint her sink with a watercolor kit that was placed right next to her.

Grossi soon found herself painting blossoms while detached from the entire chaotic situation outside. The painting made her smile every time she returned to wash her hands. Eventually Grocci decided she would preserve the paintings by not washing her hands in that sink until the next morning. The when she woke up, she would create a new painting.

Grossi's sink paintings are all all so different, ranking from underwater scenes to animals and trees. To view them, access Insider's article here.