A banner reading "Happy Retirement!" in black lettering with gold stars surrounding the text

Eric Ross retired in April after an impressive 36 years as a janitor at Grange Primary School in Grange Loan, Bo’ness, Scotland. The 66-year-old was set to retire the weekend of Easter, but had to do it three weeks earlier because COVID-19 put the school into a lockdown. Of course, COVID-19 has stuck around, which forced Grange Primary School to shutdown until October, and as a result, delay Ross’ big sendoff until this month. As long as the wait was, it appears to have been worth it for Ross, reports The Falkirk Herald.

The students made a big, heart-warming banner wishing “Mr. Ross” a happy retirement. He was also greeted by a group of students, including his granddaughter, Grace.

“It’s amazing to think my daughter was there (at the school) when I started here and now she works at the school and her daughters — my granddaughters — go here too,” said Ross to The Falkirk Herald.

Staff and parents gifted Ross money, a bottle of whiskey and admission to a whisky tasting event. He also received a framed article from the kids. His wife, Jean, was even given a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.

Jean plans to retire in February and the couple hopes to celebrate the new chapter of their lives with a vacation.