Crown Matting Technologies announces the launch of an entirely new and improved website,
The new website tells visitors exactly what the company is all about from the moment they see the site. For instance, the first things visitors see, in very large print, are the following:
 • We Make Mats
 • Working Hard for the Hard Working.

Along with these bold, to the point items, the homepage includes a timeline of key events and developments in Crown's 70-year history. Crown is one of the oldest and largest mat manufacturers in the U.S.
"The goal of the site is all about empowering our customers and visitors so they can better understand all the features and benefits of mats, [helping them make] thought-based purchasing decisions," says Adam Strizzi, marketing manager for Crown Matting Technologies.
The homepage is also sectioned into three key categories, referencing the many types of mats Crown makes. These are mats for facilities, such as schools and office buildings, industrial mats, as well as logo mats.
"We also include a 'feature section' at the bottom of the homepage so visitors can quickly find the type of mat they are looking for, what it is engineered to do, and where it should be installed," adds Strizzi.
An important part of the site, which some would say is actually quite "gutsy," is called
"Competitor Cross Reference."
Here, visitors can compare another mat manufacturer's products with similar mats or mats made for the same purpose from Crown.
"After 70 years, we feel we know the mat industry and what our end-customers are looking for and need," says Strizzi. "We have a lot of confidence in our product line and feel no hesitation comparing our products on price or quality with other suppliers."

Strizzi adds that plans for the new site began almost two years ago "and that it is a work in progress. We expect to add more content and enhance the site on an ongoing basis."