Crown Mats and Matting, Freemont, Ohio, announces that the company has made significant strides to operate in a Greener and more environmentally responsible manner.
According to company CEO and President, Bob Moran, several environmental concerns regarding the manufacturing of matting systems have now been addressed.
“We are now recycling much of the PVC.* scrap material, vinyl trimmings, and vinyl foam used to make mats,” he says. “This totals about 25,000 pounds of scrap material trucked from the company every four to six weeks for recycling or reuse purposes.”
Crown also recovers volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from its effluent waste. This reclamation process scrubs and purifies any exhaust related to the manufacturing process, which is then safely released into the environment.

Other examples of how the company is becoming Greener and more environmentally conscious include these:

· Cardboard and corrugate, along with office paper, magazines, and newspapers, are now collected for recycling.

· Pallet planking, which are pieces of broken wood pallets or pallets from raw material deliveries, are now recycled.

· Scrap steel from old pieces of equipment or projects that generate steel scraps now go into roll containers that get picked up and recycled.

· Aluminum cans are recycled, as are plastic bottles and caps.

· Batteries are either recycled or properly disposed of to minimize their environmental impact.

· All office equipment and hardware are recycled.

“In some cases, we are paid by recyclers for the materials they collect from us,” says Moran. “But we use this revenue to help the less fortunate in our community.”

Moran sees more jan/san-related companies now taking steps to become more environmentally responsible. “We like to be ahead of the curve and we are finding [these environmental steps] are helping us to operate in a more cost-efficient manner as well.”