Crown Mats and Matting, a division of Ludlow Composites Corporation, has been acquired by Desco Capital.

Desco Capital is a privately held company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Desco’s team of executives and professionals have been acquiring and operating industrial businesses in the U.S., Europe, and Asia since 1966, with revenues of up to $150 million each.

Over this more than 40 year span, Desco has compiled a long and successful track record of developing and growing a variety of businesses. Currently, Desco owns eight separate middle-market industrial businesses serving a variety of end markets.

The acquisition was a team effort, involving both Crown management and executives at Desco Capital. According to Randy Dobbs, President and COO of Crown Mats and Matting, Desco’s approach is to partner with management to build long-term growth and value.

“Technological innovation and superior service have always been key strengths of Crown Mats and Matting,” adds Dobbs. “With the financial, strategic, and other support of Desco, Crown Mats looks forward to becoming an even more important manufacturer in the matting and professional cleaning industries, growing and enhancing our business. We’re very enthusiastic about our future with Desco.”