Crown Mats and Matting announces the launch of Tribology Training classes for cleaning professionals and facility managers beginning in August 2012.
Tribology is the study of the interaction of sliding surfaces. Those who analyze slip-and-fall accidents use the knowledge of tribology to examine the amount of friction between shoe bottoms and the floor surface.
This friction can vary depending on such things as:
· Type of floor surface in question

· Type of finish used on the floor

· Cleaning equipment used on the floor

· Amount of soil, moisture, grease, or oil on the floor

· Overall condition of the floor

· Condition of the shoe’s sole material

“We are hearing a lot more about slip-and-fall accidents,” says JoAnne Boston, Business Development Manager for Crown Mats. “[But] the crucial role matting plays in preventing slips-and-falls is often overlooked.”
Boston says that when selected and installed properly, mats can reduce the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents considerably because they help remove moisture and particulate soil from shoe soles and heels, reducing the potential for slips and falls.
“We still find that too many managers aren’t giving enough thought to matting systems,” says Boston. “However, this is changing as the costs of slip-and-fall accidents—in terms of both personal injury and dollars and cents—continue to increase.”
Crown’s Tribology Training classes will consist of a series of advisories, quizzes, studies, and related information, some of which will be posted on the company’s Matting Information page and other online platforms as well as made available to key industry-related publications.