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The days of mops and brooms tumbling from overstuffed supply closets will soon be a thing of the past if Contec Professional and Toolflex have their way. Contec Professional, a manufacturer of microfiber mops and wipes for the professional cleaning market, recently announced a partnership with Toolflex.

According to a statement from Contec, the addition of the Swedish cleaning tool organization system to its existing portfolio demonstrates its ongoing commitment to solving the problems that hospital environmental service departments, housekeepers, and maintenance staff face on a daily basis.  

“We are pleased to be working with another innovative leader in the professional cleaning market,” said Contec CEO Jack McBride.

Christian Jacobson, Toolflex’ Global Business Unit Manager echoed this sentiment noting, “This collaboration leverages our combined strengths in bringing customer-inspired storage and cleaning solutions to the professional cleaning market across North America.”