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Michael Gosson, former owner of Parish Maintenance Supply based in Syracuse, NY, has launched a new e-commerce consulting firm,

Since launching his first internet site back in 1998 (, Gosson has experienced year-on-year growth. It certainly goes without saying, the internet is a moving target and one must be prepared to move with it or move over. Much has changed in the e-commerce landscape. The days of creating a product page and expecting to sell it is now left in the hands of the e-commerce giants. That’s not to say all is doom and gloom, just be prepared to keep your expectations in check.

Gosson created this venture specifically to assist distributors in the jan/san business to navigate many of the zero sum gain proposed solutions often pitched. He is focusing his expertise to assist distributors in two primary business metrics:
 • Optimizing A JanSan e-Commerce Site
 • Usability

Gosson has a deep understanding of the drivers, trends, opportunities and enablers of the industry to establish a participation strategy that creates a leadership position in the marketplace. Other experiences include:
 • 20 years of e-commerce experience
 • 38 years of experience in the jan/san business
 • Experience in B2B & B2C business
 • Independent business owner since 1990

"We are not an SEO firm, chemical or equipment manufacturer," says Gosson. "We offer guidance with 38 years of real world experience."